A Business development consultant is a person or company that helps new business owners create their businesses. Consulting helping owners with the creation of their business, they might also assist them in the day-to-day operation, the  task completed by them are business start-up, marketing strategy development, brand marketing, client development and deal closing writing and editing copy.

Consulting  might assist with items such as business plans, start-up budgets, and any other that might be necessary to get a fledgling business off the ground.

Development of a marketing strategy is another area covered by a business development consultant.

Business Development Consultant Responsibilities and Duties:

We Monitor and analyze current market conditions for our clients.

We Initiate strategies for small scale, medium scale and large companies to make steady profits.

We Monitor, review and analyze strategies in sales, marketing, advertising and other fields of operations.

Time management and team building.

Create strategies for existing accounts to generate business.

Develop and prepare presentations for prospective clients.

Create and update client profiles.

Initiate plans for client companies to achieve profits and reduce losses.

Follow up regular meetings with both active and prospective clients.

Design and develop products, services and tools for client companies.